Japanese fans show their cleanest side again and clean up garbage from other fans in the stands

The Japanese, they are now officially the cleanest and most respectful football fans in the world. At the previous World Cup, they already surprised the world when, after the late elimination in the 1/8th finals by Belgium, they left their profession spotless, despite the sacrifice. And also after the opening match between Ecuador and Qatar, dozens of Japanese fans were noticed who went down the rows in their section with a garbage bag.

Japan will only play its first match at the World Cup against Germany on Wednesday, but Japanese fans were already spotted in the stadiums on the first match days.

Influencer Omar Al-Farooq from Bahrain was amazed when, after the match between Qatar and Ecuador, he saw Japanese supporters with garbage bags in hand cleaning up the entire section in which they were sitting. Even though it was mainly non-Japanese fans who had left the stands like a dump with drinking cups, food packaging, fan material and the like.

“Why are you doing this?” a bewildered Bahraini video blogger asked Japanese fans. “We are Japanese and we do not litter and respect the environment,” was the reply. Flags were also neatly cleaned up, because these kinds of national symbols “require respect”, it still sounded.

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Also in 2018 at the World Cup in Russia, after the 3-2 elimination of Japan by the Red Devils, similar images were already circulating the world.

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