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Jean Beausejour commented on the signing of Mauricio Isla at the Catholic University and applauded that Huaso had chosen this moment in his career to come to Chilean football. The ESPN F Show commentator stated that the former Flamengo will give the local league a leap in quality.

Beausejour applauded Isla's decision to come to Chilean football
© ONE AgencyBeausejour applauded Isla’s decision to come to Chilean football

Mauricio Isla already has an agreement in principle with the Catholic University and only his signature is missing so that he officially becomes the second reinforcement of the Crusaders. El Huaso, now 36 years old, will be in San Carlos de Apoquindo until December 2024.

His signing has been the most talked about in the Chilean market. Despite his long career, Huaso never played professionally in Chilean football: he was trained in the foothills, but was removed from the team before he could make his debut and in 2007 he left for Udinese.

From there, Isla made a long journey before returning to our country, where she wore the shirts of Juventus, Queens Park Rangers, Olympique de Marseille, Cagliari, Fenerbahce and finally Flamengo. And one who is eager to see what the experienced player will deliver to Chilean football is Jean Beausejour.

The former national team and Huaso’s partner commented on his arrival in our country. The ESPN F Show commentator was more than happy with the possibility of seeing Isla in a national jersey and applauded that he chose this moment in his career to do so.

“It is one of the important comebacks in recent times and with the peculiarity that he does it at a time in his career when he is super current, being the undisputed starter of the Chilean team. In Flamengo perhaps the last month he alternated a little more, but the great period he had, he was always a starter”, he commented.

“It seems that it was just like that for Flamengo, but he won three titles and in the year he arrived he was chosen as the best winger in Brazilian football. He won the Brazilian Cup and the Carioca. Totally valid. I think it will give a leap in quality to the league, he is one of those players that the children who want to be soccer players say ‘When does Católica play? Let’s go see Católica, let’s see Huaso Isla, let’s see him in force.’ Because he is not coming to retire, he is going to give years of good performance,” he concluded.

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