Joan Jorquera, with the bronze medal.

Joan Jorquera won the bronze medal in 63 kilos and added the fifth medal for Spain in the Taekwondo World Cups that take place in Guadalajara (Mexico).

Jorquera showed a great level with victories in two rounds over the Indonesian Muhammad Raihan, the Chilean Cristan Olivero and the Filipino Jospeh Chua to ensure their access to the semifinal, which they lost 1-2 to the Uzbek Nizay Pulatov.

With a punch and a kick gave the Spaniard a 3-0 first-round lead against Pulatov; He made a good response impact and with a kick to the head he escaped on the scoreboard to win 9-6 in the first set.

The Uzbek was better in the second round, in which he came out ahead with a punch, a kick, a point for a ‘gam jeaon’ to Jorquera and another punch to win 5-0 and lead to the decision in three rounds. They started 2-2, but Pulatov proposed the fight, they put together a good streak of hits and with nine consecutive points they secured the pass to the final 13-2.

Jorquera, silver in the European last year, He confessed after getting the bronze that he did not know how he was going to respond in the World Cup due to an injury: “We doubt it especially at the beginning of the injury, the doctors told me that it was going to be difficult to reach even 50 percent. They didn’t assure me of anything and I was quite worried, but we managed to get there.”

Joan Jorquera, with the bronze medal.

In a fight at the Manchester Grand Prix, held a month ago,Jorquera received a blow that caused a muscle injury in his right leg that kept him for two weeks in recovery and with a few days to prepare for his participation in Guadalajara. The 22-year-old Spaniard, who with only 3 debuts in taekwondo with a gold medal in Vila de Roses (Gerona), doubted whether he would maintain his physical strength during the qualifying rounds, a pressure that he was able to carry until the final rounds: “The pressure of knowing whether or not I was going to arrive in perfect condition has been mentally complicated.but I have arrived well.”, expressed.

In the female category of -53 kg, Alma María Perez fell in the quarterfinals by the minimum decision after drawing 1-1 against the Croatian Duvancic. They had previously beaten Lithuania’s Neistinkaite 2-0 and Hong Kong’s Law 2-0.

Jorquera’s medal confirmed the outstanding performance of the Spaniards who add up, in addition to a gold one, by Daniel Quesada, in 74 kilostwo of silver, of Jon Cintado (80) and Ivn García (+87) and a bronze, by Cecilia Castro (67).

This Saturday the World Cups continue with the women’s combats in 73 kilos, with the presence of Beln Morn, and men in 54, with Hugo Arillo.

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