João Paulo's surgery is successful and Cruzeiro's doctor gives recovery forecast: "home treatment"

Cruzeiro is getting ready to take the field this Saturday (30), at 7pm, against Chapecoense, for another round of the Série B of the Brasileirão. After receiving praise from ‘owner’ Ronaldo, Raposa seeks to follow its path back to the elite of the Brazilian Championship and to cheer even more fans, the medical department announced good news.

Midfielder João Paulo underwent surgery this Saturday morning (30), and according to Cruzeiro’s doctor, Sérgio Campolina, the procedure was successful and the player should be discharged as early as this Sunday (1), when he will be sent to his home for rest.

The muscle injury was actually confirmed and corrected by the proposed technique, which was successful within what was programmed. The idea of ​​hospital discharge will probably be tomorrow, on Sunday“, revealed the doctor. The player felt an injury in his right thigh and contrary to what happens with most muscle injuries, treatment without surgery was not possible.

Everyone who follows football knows that muscle injuries are usually treated in a conventional way, that is, non-surgical, and unfortunately the case of João is one of the few exceptions“, revealed Sérgio. The doctor still managed to give a slight ‘planning’ about the midfielder’s recovery.

The athlete will initially be in home treatment, for a period that varies from one to two weeks, when he will then start recovery at the Club“, affirmed Campolina. The doctor did not provide an exact or approximate date for the athlete’s return to the lawns, since the procedure is still very recent.

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