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The striker of the blues recalls his relationship with the president of Azul Azul, Michael Clark, where he reveals the time he assured him the renewal on the campus and that later it never materialized. For the same reason, he has doubts that if he actually made those kinds of decisions, with what he is currently going through with the squad, that he is once again close to the relegation places.

Larrivey closely follows everything that happens in the U from Italy.
© Agency OneLarrivey closely follows everything that happens in the U from Italy.

The current moment of University of Chile generates concern in the blue world, those who live as in a new season are fighting in the lower part of the National Championship with the danger of a decline that has been watching them closely for years.

One of those who always raises his voice is Joaquin Larriveywho from Italy analyzes the moment that the U is going through and touches on a problem that little by little, again, begins to gain strength, which is that of a leadership that remains on the sidelines of a squad that is in danger on the field, where the president is appointed Michael Clark.

“What I had to live with Clark, was quite present. I went to training, I went to games, but from my personal experience, he is a person, as I already told him, who on several occasions lied to my face. Just today I was talking with Cachila Arias and luckily there was another person, because there were three of us at the meeting, because in the end it ends up being my word against hers. For me, from that moment on, the president loses a lot of credibility, from my perception. But from the face-to-face point of view, it was always there, Larrivey commented on ESPN.

In that sense, the attacker remembers the moment he confirmed to him and, also, to Ramón Arias, that the club was going to renew their contract, which in the end was not and they ended up leaving Universidad de Chile, something that makes him doubt if he really commanded, because he broke his word.

“From my experience, he tells me that I don’t know who was in charge, because I met with Clark, Cristián Aubert and Luis Roggiero, and the three of them agreed that I should continue, Ramón too. We had lunch with Clark, but the opposite ended up happening. It is difficult to identify who make the determinations in the U, because it was not very clear to me”, emphasized the last scorer of the blues.

For the same reason, he assures that despite seeing him from a distance, he is still aware of what is currently happening in the club, where he regrets that he is experiencing a bad campaign again.

“It generates sadness because it is the fourth year in a row that the goals are not what they should be, unfortunately I think that it is not an evolution of the club, it is the opposite, a regression. Hopefully at the end of the tournament they can get up and finish higher and not they end up getting complicated like us, we ended up getting complicated last year, but even so we ended up in 11th position, but with suffering and we didn’t have a good time”, he concludes.

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