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Joaquín Larrivey knows the new coach of Universidad de Chile very well. In fact, they are great friends and the Argentine took time at RedGol to tell a couple of anecdotes from when they were teammates and rivals in Italian football.

Larrivey tells new anecdotes with his friend Diego López.
© ONE AgencyLarrivey tells new anecdotes with his friend Diego López.

Former striker for Universidad de Chile, Joaquin larrivey, spoke extensively with Enzo Olivera and RedGol in Europe. The attacker today for Cosenza in Italy knows very well Diego Lopezthe new coach of the blues who debuted with victory against General Velásquez in the first leg of the third phase of the Chile Cup.

The 47-year-old Uruguayan coach played from 1998 to 2010 in Cagliari, where he shared two and a half years with Larrivey as teammates. Today they are old friends and the Argentine forward told some details and anecdotes together.

“I lived three blocks from Diego and I walked to his house every day to eat because his family practically adopted me. He was always like my older brother since I arrived in Italy. He is someone of few words, many acts, what he needed he told you on time and he does not like to talk too much, ”Larrivey told RedGol.

The attacker added that “it’s the same on the pitch, he’s a leader who owns the defense and is highly respected in the locker room. As a friend I have only words of thanks. He is going to bring a lot of character to the team, it is something that he is not going to lack. Trying to impose himself and live each ball as if it were the last”.

About it, the 37-year-old attacker recalled that just as they were teammates, they also played against each other and it was not easy. And what happens if the new DT of the u calls you back to the CDA? Larrivey himself responds.

“He gave me a lot of kicks, a few when we played against him, but in good milk. If Diego López calls me? We’ll see later when the contract with Cosenza ends, we are very comfortable in Italy”, explained Bati.

Joaquín Larrivey states that “we always have an open mind for anything. In football you should never say never. Chile is a place where we enjoy everything, from sports, social and emotional. I have no doubts that we will return to Chile, I don’t know when or where, but I am sure that we will return and I don’t rule out U, because it is one of the places where I was happiest on and off the field. And that Diego is inside the institution adds a lot”.

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