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Johnny Herrera joins the list of victims of crime after suffering a trap in Viña del Mar in which his car was stolen. After what happened, he gave details of the complicated moment he lived through.

Johnny Herrera gave details of what happened in the trap.
© Agency OneJohnny Herrera gave details of what happened in the trap.

Johnny Herrera lived a complicated moment in Viña del Mar because he suffered a violent robbery of his vehicle when he was returning home after a marriage, after a group of antisocials intercepted him to take his car and they did it in a very intimidating way towards him. former soccer player

According to the Twitter account, Site of the Event, the exporter from the University of Chile was the victim of a trap. “Criminals intimidated the victim with firearms on Av. Jorge Montt. It is the blue Porsche Cayenne Coupe car that the antisocials took in the direction of Reñaca,” they said.

After what happened, the now television commentator went to a Carabineros de Chile police station where he gave details to the media of what happened. “It was a trap, a car with roosters with guns crossed me. Two got out and there were like four. They were following me and I realized it,” he said.

The two-time champion of America continued to tell how the events were. “They took my car, they pointed at me. They said ‘shoot him’, but I think it was more to scare me. They didn’t shoot, thank God nothing else happened. And luckily I wasn’t with my son, the rest is just material “, he pointed out.

Now, Herrera’s situation with this robbery is being investigated by the authorities who will try to find those responsible for this violent trap suffered by the now-retired footballer.

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