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University of Chile

The historic former goalkeeper of the University of Chile launched his own theory about why the blue board does not want Marcelo Díaz to come to the club. The multi-champion with the Romantic Traveler assures that since the position in which Carepato plays is the same as Seymour, they do not want to cover one of his captains.

Johnny Herrera believes that the blue board does not want Carepato to arrive so as not to cover up Seymour.
© Agency OneJohnny Herrera believes that the blue board does not want Carepato to arrive so as not to cover up Seymour.

The fans of University of Chile are more excited than ever to see Marcelo Diaz wear the blue shirt again. After ending his contract with Libertad de Paraguay, the experienced Chilean midfielder He returned to live in our country and he too is dying to return to the club. However, with the directive still nothing happens.

Despite Spanish Union lurks to be able to stay with “cello” Yes the u it is not decided, in Blue blue They still take things easy and cannot define themselves before the division that generates the return of a historic player formed at home. Thus, all kinds of versions have been born that try to explain what happens, and Johnny Herrerain its historical condition of the Romantic travelerHe raised his voice to launch his own theory about it.

“They don’t want to cover up Felipe Seymour”

The former twelve-time champion goalkeeper with Chuncho took advantage of his space as a panelist on the TNT Sports program Todos Somos Técnicos to raise his voice and refer to the bad decisions that have been made at the dealership that leads the blue reins. And he believes that they don’t bring it so as not to cover up one of his captains.

“Last year then it was a priority by far, Felipe Seymour for Marcelo Díaz? Look how it went, look at the little eye, look how it went…”, the remembered goalkeeper shot from the start who, like Seymour and Díaz, It is formed in the university cast.

“For me, the theory is that then Marcelo Díaz will not arrive because if he arrives he would cover Seymour, a natural position,” the Blue Samurai added to finish.

Thus, we will have to wait and see what happens in the coming days. Carepato and the fans of the U are dying to see the team again, but the leaders do not seem very interested in speeding up their final decision regarding whether or not to bring the two-time American midfielder with the Chilean team.

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