Jorinde Verwimp does not estimate the chance of a second Belgian title too high: "I fear that this comes just too early"

© Dirk Vertommen

Today the BC dressage starts in the Azelhof in Lier. We will know the champion on Sunday. The question is whether Jorinde Verwimp can triumph for the second time.

In her early career, the young rider from Wiekevorst already became Belgian champion in all series, each time with her faithful companion Tiamo, with whom she competed in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Two years later, Tiamo retired. The search for an equivalent successor was no easy task. Whoever seeks, finds and that’s how Charmer came to be, who evolved into Verwimp’s new Grand Prix horse.

“I discovered him two months before Tiamo rode his last race in Jumping Mechelen,” says Verwimp. “He was six years old and came to me to sell him. That was the initial plan, but I thought Charmer was a very charming horse to ride and after a month I decided to buy it myself. At that point you don’t know that he will become a future Grand Prix horse. The more we trained, the better the collaboration became and the more established it was that he is a smart learner. Due to corona we were only able to drive our first Grand Prix in November. So at that level we are still a fledgling combination.”

What does that say about the BC? “I fear that the BC comes just too early. I’m happy with the progress we made, it’s getting better every game and Charmer is in good shape. So I’m going to start with a good feeling and I’m definitely going to drive for it, although I also have to be realistic. There are more experienced combinations. We will one day become Belgian champions, although that probably won’t be this year. I’m going to be happy on Sunday when we get higher scores again, without focusing on a result, let alone on a podium. If everyone is riding at their best level, it will be an exciting battle between outgoing champion Larissa Pauluis and Laurence Roos, the champion of 2020. And don’t forget Domien Michiels. All three are evenly matched and are eligible for the medals. And then I come.” kvlo)


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