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After revealing the player’s case with Maiara Quiderolly, Cláudia Silva commented on the situation on social networks

Influencer opened up about ex-husband.  Photo: Reproduction/official Instagram of Cláudia Silva
Influencer opened up about ex-husband. Photo: Reproduction/official Instagram of Cláudia Silva

This week, journalist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, revealed that Jô’s lover, a former Corinthians player, was expecting the athlete’s child. Now, Claudia Silvathe attacker’s ex-wife, used the social networks to announce the end of the marriage. Maiára Quiderolly also used her profile to confirm that the child she is expecting is from Jô.

In the outburst, Cláudia says that she fought a lot for the relationship. “I tried to be strong as long as I could, I fought for my marriage as far as I could, I’m not feeling like a failure, on the contrary, I’m feeling victorious because I wrote a beautiful story, I have two beautiful children, I got married, I did everything right. I did everything a woman dreams of doing and he lost. I didn’t miss anything. So please don’t talk about this with me anymore,” she blurted out.

She also used her stories to leave a message, ending the statement. According to her, she never had the objective of separating from Jô, but with the betrayal it became impossible. “No one marries to separate. I come from a traditional home, where love and unity never lacked. My parents stayed together “until death did them part” and I thought it would be no different for me (…) Until the betrayal collapsed our structure and we stopped being a couple,” she wrote, stating that she would stay out of social media until the matter cools down.

She also revealed that the attacker had other children out of wedlock and was outraged at the exclusion of some outbursts. “Because erasing stories is easy, I want to see erase everything you’ve done. It made me even more angry to erase the stories. It’s no use erasing. The truth is only one. Maiára’s son is not a trophy for Jô, because Jô has five children out of wedlock. This is a repeat of what he’s already done,” he said, revealing that he was even tested for a DNA test on one of the children.

Paternity test

As soon as the subject came up, Maiára and Jô denied that the child would be the athlete. “I am outraged! That doesn’t make any sense. These people are trying to take advantage of the situation that happened last week to promote themselves. There is no basis for truth in what is being broadcast”, said Jô in a note to Leo Dias. However, he would have made himself available to take a paternity test.

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