Joventut's enormous resistance exercise to knock down Barcelona

ANDhe youth once again demonstrated its fame as an indomitable team to defeat the Barcelona (82-79) in a game where swam against the current until the last quarter to take the victory almost on the shore. It was almost a miracle that they managed to make the rubber over and over again without being fine in shooting against a very successful opponent. A triumph of faith and an enormous exercise in resistance that this time had a just reward.


They endured those of Charles Durn the first azulgrana train commanded by Laprovittola, Satoransky and Higgins (6-16, min 5). Tomic and Ribas, it is not by chance that they were two exculsrefused to kneel so soon and led the reaction (20-26).

New squeeze from Barcelona

The Bara, which saw his streak of six consecutive victories cut shortpressed again in the second act, this time with a Devastating Vesely (12 points in that act), well seconded by Jokubaitis. It seemed to break the game (32-43, min 19) against a Penya that was shipwrecked from the triple (0/6), but that He didn’t give up, he never did, and sutured the wound thanks to the fighter Ribas (38-43).


History repeated itself again at the beginning of the last quarter when Higgins and Da Silva’s three-pointers seemed to mark the definitive escape for the Catalans (42-55, min 23). But for the hundredth time La Penya parried the blow with a partial 13-2 commanded by Ribas, helped by Parra, Tomic and Ellenson (55-57, min 27).

last azulgrana arren neutralized

then they were guy and vine those who neutralized the attacks of Laprovittola and Da Silva to reach the last room alive (62-66). Vesely and Kalinic starred in the last getaway which (62-70). There was no more because Joventut, propelled by Vives and an almost unpublished Happy until then, make a partial 12-0 against a petrified Bara (74-70, min 37) .


laprovittolathe usual one, gave his team a last breath with six points (76-76), but a technique to Jasikevicius gave air to the Penya, who with five free throws caressed the win (81-76, at 1.10). But she had to suffer. Tomic missed two free throws to sentence and Laprovittola scored a triple on the board from eight meters to end the uncertainty (81-79, 10 seconds from the end.

Higgins misses triple win

And the panorama worsened for the Penya, since Vives insisted on giving more emotion to the clash when the ball slipped through his hands in the service after six seconds from the end. Higgins played the winning triple, but failedand in the continuation Laprovittola committed an unsportsmanlike foul on Feliz with which Joventut finally certified victory, the triumph of survival and faith.

Technical sheet:

82. Joventut Badalona (20+18+24+20): Feliz (10), Ventura (-), Ribas (16), Parra (14), Tomic (16) -initial team-, Vives (5), Ellenson (6), Birgander (5), Guy (10), Busquets (-) and Rodriguez (-).

79. Bara (26+21+19+13): Satoransky (8), Laprovittola (19), Paul (6), Da Silva (12), Sanli (4) -initial team-, Vesely (14), Higgins (9), Abrines (-), Kalinic (2) and Jokubaitis (5).

referees: Calatrava, Garcia and Fernndez. Sanli was eliminated due to five personal fouls (min. 39).

Incidents: match corresponding to the eighth round of the Endesa League played at the Palau Olmpic in Badalona in front of 10,132 spectators.

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