Juan Pablo Varski: "The feeling is that Argentina betrayed itself as a team"

Argentina lost surprisingly to Saudi Arabia and the balance made by one of the most renowned journalists in Latin America is clear regarding the shortcomings that Lionel Scaloni’s team showed in its World Cup debut.

The atmosphere in Argentina is one of a wake. The example is provided by Juan Pablo Varsky, who carefully analyzed the Albiceleste defeat against Saudi Arabia (2-1) in his debut at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. “Argentina betrayed itself as a team,” said the trans-Andean journalist after the first match. Big World Cup surprise.

“If defeat is the price to return to play as before, as in the last three and a half years, against Argentina and Poland; welcome. It is a great blow, very hard. But nothing is over and it is not appropriate to return to fatalism. It treats to go back to play like this team knows”, sentenced the communicator.

In the balance of the match, Varsky stopped at the approach of the Asians. “Saudi Arabia shakes the world taking advantage of Argentina’s worst game in a long time. The undefeated team is ending and now they must beat Mexico and Poland,” warned the DIRECTV Sports analyst.

The example of Spain in 2010

In order not to fall into fatalism, Juan Pablo Varsky picked up the example of the Spanish team when they won the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. “There is a close precedent, because they came as a favorite and lost to Switzerland, but then went on track to win the World Cup. That team He had a way of never giving up, even in adversity,” he recalled.

For this reason, Argentina’s response must come from football, according to the communicator: “After starting out winning with a VAR penalty, with a direct game plan that distanced him from everything he has done in the Lionel Scaloni era, against to an opponent who came out to press up, with the last line well away from their zone… Argentina played direct instead of passing”.

In this sense, Varsky defines the Arab coach, the French HervĂ© Renard, as “the father of a child who enjoys a dreamy, historic and unimaginable afternoon in Doha. For Argentina, losing the undefeated must mean a return to what was built: football of elaboration, passes, triangulations. The feeling is that Argentina betrayed itself as a team”, he sentenced.

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