Russian judoka Madina Taimazova

The Ukrainian federation announced that they would boycott international competitions until judokas from Russia and Belarus were completely removed from them.

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Russian judoka Madina Taimazova

(Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Judo Federation of Ukraine (FDU) statedthat he will not compete under the auspices of the International Judo Federation (IJF) until athletes from Russia and Belarus are suspended from tournaments in any status.

In an open letter to the judo federations of other countries, the head of the FDU, Mikhail Koshlyak, accused the IJF of “becoming the first of the international sports federations to grossly ignore the recommendations of the IOC.”

The head of the FDU said that the Russians cannot be considered “neutral athletes”, since their training is carried out at the expense of the state budget, and also noted that out of 28 Russians declared for the Grand Slam tournament in Ulaanbaatar, 11 are CSKA athletes and have military ranks . The head of the FDU also stated that, in support of his arguments, he accompanied the letter with photographs and videos from the social networks of Russian judo coaches.

RBC sent a request to the IJF and the Russian Judo Federation (FDR).

Ukrainians refused the Grand Slam judo tournament because of the Russians

Photo: Anatoly Kolushenko / Global Look Press

On March 2, the IJF announced that the Russians could compete under the auspices of the organization in a neutral status, but FDR announced the suspension of participation in international competitions 12 days later.

On June 11, it became known that Russian athletes had registered to participate in the tournament in Ulaanbaatar on June 24-26. It is assumed that all the leaders of the Russian national team will perform at it.

The FDU then sent a letter to the IJF, but the international federation answeredthat there is no place for politics and discrimination in judo. On June 17, the FDU announced that they had canceled their trip to Ulaanbaatar.

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