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The singer and BBB champion appeared in stories talking about therapy and leaving a reflection

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Juliette - Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Juliette
Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Juliette – Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Juliette

This Saturday (19), Juliette opened her heart to reflect on learning, growth and its relationship with therapy. In a sequence of stories published on Instagram, she said that she was in therapy, already treated, analyzed and that she recommends: “Whoever has never had therapy, do it. And I also had a meeting, quickly (…). Now to finish the treatment, the pot of the day”, she said, showing a blue paper with a reflective sentence: “The best thing about life is realizing you’re happy without what you thought you needed🇧🇷

Then she talks about it again: “I’m very reflective these days. I’m a person that whenever I see that there’s something out of place in my life, I look for solutions to solve it. When I’m not well, I seek therapy, God, even a message in a small jar, to talk. I think that in each situation like this, the person takes a leap in evolution🇧🇷

“People learn, keep, and grow. And it’s a painful process, because growing up hurts, you know. I’m here, philosophizing. Today I got a bunch of beautiful flowers, chocolate, letters. The best thing in the world is knowing that there are people who they recognize us by the look, they know that you are not well by an attitude, a look. And I have many people like that, thank you very much. And let’s react”finished.

Juliette vented after some criticism she suffered for her latest musical performance. She even commented on Twitter that she faced a problem with her phone. 🇧🇷Before the court starts the trial… I had a problem with the phone and I couldn’t hear myself, but I tried to do my best“, explained Juliette.

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