Julio César Uribe is presented as DT in San José de Oruro

One of the best interpreters of the good touch, the mischievous game, now called ‘chocolate’, in the history of Peruvian football is and will be Julio Cesar Uribe, the ‘Diamond’ who shone with his own light through his talent in the eighties. In Peru’s preview against Australia, the former World Cup player in the 1982 Spain World Cup analyzed “everyone’s team”.

For the idol of Sporting Cristal, the Peruvian team will exhibit its best repertoire with the ball and will triumph over the physical strength of the rival on duty to get the ticket to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. He applauds the footballing moment of Christian Cueva, the adaptation of Gianluca Lapadula and the recovery of André Carrillo. In addition, he values ​​the unconditional support of the red and white tide that accompanies the national team in every corner of the world.

Once again, the Peruvian team will face Australia, now for a ticket to Qatar 2022…

The selection is very well prepared. It is united. Keep fighting to write new stories. I am confident that they will make their capabilities prevail over the adversary. All of Peru trusts what they will do on the field.

Good touch and physical strength will be at stake. We bet on ours…

It will be complicated, we are talking about wanting to be in a World Cup. Peru must present its best version to achieve its goal, but in football it is easier to build. We can visualize that Australia through their physical superiority will try to defend well, but Peru will be positive. If it is exposed to error it is obvious, as in life itself, but for that there is the capacity, which must be imposed beyond the will, because everyone wants to win. We will have to demonstrate in capacities that we are better than them (Australia).

Julio César Uribe is presented as DT in San José de Oruro

Eight years at the helm of Ricardo Gareca were enough to consolidate a game that inspires respect…

Correct. The team connects very well, it’s been eight years now. The most important thing is that the players remain united, there is respect, they value each other and they enjoy their work. Through their game, let’s hope they keep the smile of being in a World Cup again.

Christian Cueva is in his best version. Match?

For the technical quality enjoyed by Christian Cueva, physical support is essential. He incorporated it and found a better response, he is the Christian we all want to see. He will surely give his best quality to the team to win, that’s what it’s all about. Everyone is at their best.

In his time it was naughty football, now it’s ‘chocolate’…

Each interpretation must be respected. Football is not confronting our time and what this is. These are important times in our history. I prefer to enjoy, but the past times were the positive ones. Now it is more tactical, conceptual, more defending and attacking. They are characteristics of the protagonists, different interpreters and each one has to value and respect it. To enjoy each stage of its history.

Gianluca Lapadula adapted to the need for a ‘9’ in the national team. How do you analyze his football evolution?

I don’t know if he has consolidated, but since he came to the national team he has done well. He is a player who has always given Peru an answer. He is a good professional who integrated well into the group. It shows that he transmits quality and professionalism to his colleagues. A boy with a European mentality who respects the concepts of the professional athlete. He is a correct person, so I am not surprised that he has identified with our country. You have to recognize him and greet him.

Gianluca Lapadula 3 (Photo: Daniel Apuy/GEC)
Gianluca Lapadula 3 (Photo: Daniel Apuy/GEC)

It would be ideal if he played again in Serie A…

He is not building his path now, his struggle has been going on for years. He is 31 years old, he is not 20 or 22 years old. So, he has cost you a lot. Suddenly in the next four years he finds the possibility of closing his football cycle with an exemplary fight. I do not have doubts about it.

André Carrillo is healthy, with minutes, but there are variants that respond to the needs of the team…

It is good that Carrillo has recovered, and that he returns to the level we know, since he is an important player due to his ability and imbalance where he has to play, whether on the right or left. So the team is well and ready. Great job by the coaching staff led by Ricardo Gareca.

The support of the fans is the plus that every team requires when the legs do not respond…

Nothing is asked of the fan, everything is given. His support is commendable, his identification with the country is brilliant, moving. Thank you to the fan for his unconditional support. You have to value them.

The immediate thing is Australia, but facing France again brings back memories in the Parc des Princes, the 1-0 with a goal from Juan Carlos Oblitas…

We were positive, we had a great selection. We are part of history. Today, the protagonists are others, and you have to enjoy it. They are allowing the country that suffers for other reasons to smile. There are also other sports disciplines that give us joy, people who fight in isolation. All those who come to represent their country deserve recognition beyond success or not. As a society we must learn to value those who fight to generate a smile for the country from their different responsibilities.


Why do the clubs at the Copa Libertadores level not respond to the demands?

Everyone has their own analysis. They have been saying that for many years the international thermometer has not been up to par, and every year the preparation is tried to be better, but it is not enough. That implies that it is something that is not done well and must be corrected. The purpose of the profession and of life is very frequent with her.

What do you think about the questions to Roberto Mosquera for the early elimination of Sporting Cristal in the Copa Libertadores?

Roberto with his seriousness tries to do what corresponds, the players and managers too. There are times when he is not enough and it is possible to find what they are looking for. Coaches, like players and managers, have limitations. The leaders would like to have better players, but it does not reach the budget. The players could be better, but sometimes they are not good professionals, they don’t have answers. At that level of life you have to value things. So there is no reason for Roberto to be questioned. He is a good leader and recently added a championship.

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