Qatar is the host of the 2022 World Cup.
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What is the correct pronunciation of Qatar? Béla Réthy decides on “Katter” and causes discussions. There is no one correct pronunciation.

Munich – The starting signal has been given. the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is finally making sporting headlines. In the opening game, Ecuador beat hosts Qatar 2-0. During the TV broadcast of the game and the opening ceremony, many viewers asked themselves one thing above all. What is the correct pronunciation of Qatar?

World Cup 2022
November 20 – December 18
Eight Stadiums
64 games

World Cup in Qatar: Béla Réthy chooses “Katar”

ZDF reporter Béla Réthy caused a lot of discussion on the net with his speech during the opening game. the 65 year old, which was widely discussed not only because of its debate on Sundayrepeatedly spoke of “Qattar” as Qatar during the broadcast.

In Germany, “Kah-tar” was the most common form. But what is right now? That’s not an easy question to answer. The reason for this: The Arabic letter qof/qaf (ق) does not exist in most European languages.

Therefore, there are a number of different pronunciations – not only in Germany.

Qatar is the host of the 2022 World Cup. © IMAGO/Christopher Neundorf

Pronunciation of Qatar: The dictionary does not give an answer

For example, the Duden lists two correct pronunciations. Including the common “Kah-tar” with a long “a” in the first place, but also the faster spoken “Kattar”.

Even international spelling dictionaries do not agree on the stress. Similar to the Duden, the English Cambridge Dictionary proposes two pronunciations. “Kah-tar” is chosen for the US variant, while “Cutter” is suggested for the English.

Pronunciation of Qatar: There is no one correct pronunciation

The author Mike Pesca was also unable to come up with a clear conclusion in his contribution “More Than One Way To Pronounce Qatar” for the US broadcaster NPR. According to Pesca, Qatar should be referred to like the English guitar, i.e. “guitar”, although pronunciations such as “Kuh-tar” or “Kah-ter” are also fine.

In conclusion, one can say that there is not one correct pronunciation for Qatar in European usage. So there will be lively discussions over the next few weeks about what is right now – as well as about wearing the “One Love” captain’s armband. (kk)

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