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The company’s president had a different idea for the end of the film and was barred by directors

Marvel President Kevin Feige Wanted A Tragic End For All Avengers In 'Endgame'
© Reproduction / Marvel / DisneyMarvel President Kevin Feige Wanted A Tragic End For All Avengers In ‘Endgame’

Avengers: Endgame” has become a landmark in the film industry, the film that represents a history marked by 10 years broke records around the world by bringing the final clash between the team of heroes and the villain who became famous among the public, Thanos.

Although it has already left its legacy, much is said about the countless possibilities that history could have arrived. In an interview, Anthony and Joe Russothe brother responsible for directing numerous films in the saga, revealed that the president of marvel studios, Kevin Feigehad a different idea for the end of the story.

There were many rumors about who was going to die. Kevin suggested, at one point, killing all of the original Avengers. We thought it was too aggressive, we thought the audience wouldn’t be able to digest it. And that, in fact, choosing one or two characters to make sacrifices during the film could produce moments where the action would stop and there could be emotional catharsis and then continue with the narrative.”, Joe told the interviewer of “Happy Sad Confused”.

Joe also revealed that the idea of ​​killing Tony Stark was not well accepted by all the actors, according to the director, Jon Favreauwho interpreted Happy Hoganthe billionaire’s assistant, tried to convince the directors to change their minds: “I remember pacing the corner of a set on the phone with Favreau, trying to convince him. He was like, ‘You can’t do this. It’s going to leave people devastated and you don’t want them to leave the theater and throw themselves in the middle of the cars.’ But we killed him anyway”, he concluded.

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