Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim and Kim: Here's South Korea's Defensive Bloc (and a Commentator's Nightmare)

The World Cup has also started for South Korea. Is it to throw sand in the eyes of the Uruguayans or is it a choice of laziness of national coach Paulo Bento? The fact is that the goalkeeper and the four defenders all have the same family name: Kim.

Guy Van Den Langenbergh

Now Kim is a frequent name in South Korea, even more frequent than Janssens and Peeters in Flanders. So the presence of a ‘Kim’ on the football field is not that exceptional. In the core of 26 players that the Portuguese national coach Paulo Bento has available, six players with the family name Kim have been included.

It is striking that five of them also kicked off against Uruguay. Even more notably, the five form South Korea’s defensive bloc. Seung-gyu Kim is in goal, Moon-hwan Kim is the right back, Min-jae and Young-gwon Kim are in the center back. Finally, Jin-su Kim keeps an eye on the left flank.

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