Top 10 of the easiest passwords to guess around the world.  (Photo: NordPass)

Passwords are a set of numbers, letters and symbols that you are going to create for different occasions, such as: unlocking a mobile device Android or iOS, enter a software or system, a social network or any platform that previously asks you to enter a username and password, the same that only you should know because otherwise they could review your personal information. For this opportunity, from Depor we will show you the list with the 10 most used passwords in the world and of course the easiest to guess.

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Millions of users usually save very important information in their personal accounts, therefore, they would not like these to be available to just anyone. It is very difficult for a cybercriminal to be able to access one of your accounts if the password has a certain degree of complexity, they normally gain access through the technique known as “Phishing”; however, when your password is very simple like the classic “123456″, it is a fact that cybercriminals will have it very easy.

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According to information and research carried out by , a technological portal specialized in password management, it was possible to discover a list of the 200 most used and easy-to-guess passwords. Which will be number one of the entire top? then you will know so that you never create a key with these vulnerable combinations.

Top 10 of the easiest passwords to guess around the world. (Photo: NordPass)

As you can see, the most common password is the account from 1 to 6, a classic for many years, likewise, in position number 5 the password word in English “password” also appears. The list gives you other important indicators such as the time it would take for anyone to crack your password, for example the key “123456″ would take a second to guess and is currently used by more than 100 million people worldwide.

It is important to clarify that the investigation of NordPass attached a map that shows all the countries in the world where there have been the highest cases of leaked passwords. The northern hemisphere takes the lead, with the United States, Russia and much of Europe leading the way.

Countries most affected by password leaks (Photo: NordPass)
Countries most affected by password leaks (Photo: NordPass)

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