Kroos's trolling for the statue of Agüero at the Etihad

ANDl Manchester City unveiled this Friday the statue dedicated to Sergio Aguero, top scorer in the history of the English club. The statue, situated on the east side of the Etihad Stadium, joins those of other City legends such as Vincent Kompany and David Silva and has been made by sculptor Andy Scott from thousands of galvanized steel weldments.

The result of the work has generated quite a stir on social networks throughout the day for the final result of the piece. And it is that there are many who believe that the sculpture does not faithfully reflect the image of Kun Agüero and they make him look more like another player, specifically the Real Madrid midfielder Tony Kroos.

The Real Madrid player himself has participated in the debate public replying to a tweet by Simon Stone, a BBC sports journalist, in which he wrote “Sergio is here”, along with a photo of the statue dedicated to the Argentine. Kross’ response to this tweet was blunt: “Are you sure?”

The truth is there are several cases in which the results of the sculptures were not as expected. One of the most notorious was the bust dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo of the artist Emanuel Santos who went around the world.

Nor is it wasted the sculpture that was carved in honor of Mohammed Salah. Mai Abdel Allah was the author of the work. As published in his day the newspaper Egypt Independent, the author had already planned to carve the statue in 2016 and it took him a month to carry out the work. He was inspired by the usual celebration of the attacker opening his arms to the fans every time he scores a goal.

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