La France insoumise opens an internal investigation after accusations of sexual violence against Taha Bouhafs

“The follow-up committee against sexist and sexual violence, set up within insubordinate France, was indeed seized” Saturday “of a testimony relating to alleged facts of sexual violence alleged against Taha Bouhafs”, writes the committee in a press release, partly confirming information revealed by BFMTV.

“A procedure was immediately initiated within insubordinate France”, and Taha Bouhafs “was confronted” on Monday “with the accusations of which he was the subject”, specifies the committee.

The interested party “made the choice to renounce the nomination himself”, “even before the end of the internal procedure”, after being told that La France insoumise “could be led not to invest it “, “due to the seriousness of the alleged facts, as a precautionary principle”.

Taha Bouhafs, a controversial 25-year-old journalist, announced Tuesday morning that he was withdrawing his candidacy for the legislative elections in Vénissieux (Rhône), denouncing “unprecedented attacks” against him.

“I underestimated the power of this system when it wants to grind you down,” he wrote on Twitter at the time. “I was supported, not enough to hold on, but enough to be grateful. (…) Keep fighting. For my part, I tried but I can’t do it anymore”, concluded the one who said he wanted defend “the concerns of a France which does not feel represented”.

The leader of LFI Jean-Luc Mélenchon then denounced “a pack (which) was relentless against him” with “death threats and daily public questioning”. “I blame myself for not having been able to comfort him as much as necessary,” he added.

“The work of the follow-up committee is continuing to support and direct the women who have spoken to the appropriate structures”, adds the committee which “is available to receive any testimonies from other women”.

He specifies that he did not want to make the case public, “in accordance with the wish expressed by the author of the testimony”.

“It is the publication of information in the press that leads us today to express ourselves publicly,” he adds.

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