La Rojita gets used to winning

No.or start Spain his match against Japan. It took the Spanish team about half an hour to get hold of the ball and prevail in a game that began leading the Japanese team. those of Louis of the Source They barely touched the ball in the rival field during the first minutes and when they did, they rushed with direct football and trying to finish off the attacks by fast track. A style that does not usually characterize a team that changed shortly after.

The fact of looking for impossible passes between the lines and wanting to overcome rival lines without excessive arguments gave way to the game of a Spain that she found herself after half an hour of play. The change came during the time that passed Yuito Suzuki out of green. The Japanese took a hard blow to the face of Arnau Comas and visiting doctors had to dress a major cut. Thus, with one more it was when those of Louis of the Source they began to elaborate the plays more and to approach until the environs of sasaki.

It was difficult to generate dangerous actions, but it was done through a manu sanchez who joined the attack surprising from the left wing and put a good ball to the far post to Sergio Gomez. The play had started with a great start from behind pacheco, was cooked in the center, continued along the band and ended on the opposite side. But the soccer player Manchester City He finished too centered. Nor was he successful against the local goal Yuito Suzukiwho saw firsthand the quality of a Arnau Tenas that they beat him hand in hand.

in the second act Louis of the Source pull your insurance. The man from La Rioja put on the grass Beat Turrientes in the midfield to handle the ball more in areas of greater danger and the San Sebastian player took only two minutes to show that the coach had not been wrong. Despite standing out for giving assists, the medium showed that he is also an opportunist and finished off a ball in the small area at the back of the net.

Clearly Spain he turned the field over the goal of Japan and the occasions accumulated. riquelme he took out his overflow and verticality to approach the area with speed and take out the weapon that is giving him so much joy this season in the Girona. All his goals are coming from outside the area this season and in The CharterhouseIt did not change but the post prevented him from adding a new goal with the national team.

The one who did not forgive was manu sanchez. Always in attack zones the side of Osasuna He had his prize when he finished off a ball that crossed the area from the right at the far post. The man from Madrid had occupied the position of Bucket on the left side and showed his candidacy for the European in a position where competition is maximum.

Ace, Spain says goodbye with a new victory and closes the year with its seventh victory, something that makes it one of the clear candidates to win the next European of the category that will be disputed in Romanian and Georgian.

Technical sheet

Spain: Arnau Tenás; Arnau Martínez (Carmona 46′), Arnau Comas, Pacheco (Mario Gila 91`), Manu Sánchez (Gabri Veiga 91′); Nico Gonzlez (Pablo Torre 91′), Rodri (Aimar 64′), Lex Baena (Turrientes 46′); Sergio Gmez (Hugo Novoa 73′), Abel Ruiz (Camello 73′) and Bryan Gil (Riquelme 46′).

Japan: Sasaki; Handa, K. Suzuki (Baba 83?, Kimura, Kato (Bangnagande 63′); Yamamoto (Kawasaki 63′), Fujita (Matsuoka 83′), Y. Suzuki (Nishikawa 83′); Mito (Hata 83′), Fujio (Oda 46′) and Saito (Sato 63′).

referee: Antonio Carvalho (Portugal)

goals: 1-0 47′ Turrientes takes advantage of a ball in the Japan area, 2-0 70′ Manu Sánchez with a header

incidents: Friendly match played in La Cartuja.

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