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The first three projects have Brazilian studios in the production

Lakea, Brazilian metaverse platform, is announced and confirms first three projects
© Reproduction / LakeaLakea, Brazilian metaverse platform, is announced and confirms first three projects

This week, the lake started operations in the Brazilian market and brings news, as it is a Brazilian metaverse platform that will support game studios in the launch of blockchain games (also known as NFT games).

Initially, the lake has three first projects with Brazilian studios in production. The initial proposal is the implementation of this technology using the Solana blockchain, in which Lakea will connect developers and publishers in this web3 environment, letting them have full focus on the development of the game itself. “Our main objective is to support studios and publishers, who already have expertise in creating and releasing great games” highlights Luis Roloff, CEO of Lakea.

Play-to-earn games (play to win, in literal translation) become popular very quickly, but suffer from a decline at the same rate as they grow. Therefore, Lakea emphasizes the search for qualified partners capable of developing attractive and sustainable products.

We are selecting the partners and projects with which we will be engaged. We want to build an active community that grows in an orderly and consistent way. We will not support any type of scam and projects that present excessive risk to participants.“, comments Daniel Araújo, CBO of Lakea.

More news about the games will be revealed in the future to players, as the games are still in the development stage. Initially, these galaxies and planets within Lakea are being in partnership format and are open to both studios and publishers.

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