Lambán nuances the controversy with Pau Gasol

Ayer the president of the COE, Alexander Whitelamented the missed opportunity to present a candidacy to organize the Winter Olympic Games in the Aragonese and Catalan Pyrenees in 2030. The president announced the end of the project and dared to admit that this candidacy “we have destroyed it at home having a project that was wonderful”. “We have not been able to reach that understanding between us,” she reaffirmed.

However, statements related to this issue have continued to occur today. In an act, the former basketball player Pau Gasol has referred to the cancellation of the project: “It is a wise decision because an attempt has been made to politicize from Aragón. Catalonia, in the words of Alejandro Blanco himself, has had an exemplary behavior and the other party has not followed the same line and that is why the candidacy has fallen”.

The President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambn, has responded to Pau Gasol and has asked him to inform himself “better” and not take it for granted that the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) “obeys sporting criteria”. Lambn has manifested himself on the Twitter account and his full message from him says: “The Catalan Pau Gasol has blamed me for the failure of the 2030 Games. With the respect that this athlete deserves, he should be better informed and not assume that the COE obeys strict sporting criteria. In this case, he has been an ally of the independence movement.”

Subsequently, Lambn has qualified his words and has made it clear that he was not referring to Pau Gasol in the sentence in which he said: “In this case, he has been an ally of the independence movement”.

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