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Landim can “cancel” a ready contract at Flamengo and give up on a deal taken for granted

Rafael Leitao


Mengão is studying a shift in the market and this could cause a turnaround in projections

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF
Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Fla is undergoing a makeover. The Technician’s New Arrival Dorival Junior makes Mengão review positions and strategies on the field. However, it is not just in the technical part that the Club took a turn. The direction of Mais Querido has put on the agenda the renewal of one of the plays of its cast and the situation may take a turn.

At the beginning of June, the news gave the conversation to extend forward Vitinho’s contract as well underway. The player arrived at Flamengo in 2018, as a strong reinforcement, he never consolidated as a starter, however, he was always considered an asset in the Rubro-Negro squad.

However, according to information from journalist Julio Miguel Neto, a commentator for Canal Pilhado, the situation of the shirt number 11 from Gávea may have a turnaround: “Another contract renewal that was well aligned and may change course is the athlete Vitinho. Flamengo wanted to recover some invested resources, but at that moment its high salary, need to go in search of reinforcements, make the board rethink the matter”, said the presenter of RubroNews on his Twitter profile.

Vitinho has been suffering an escalation of criticism among fans, in the victory of Fla over Cuiabá, last Wednesday (15), at Maracanã, once again irritated the patience of the Nation. The athlete, who replaced the injured Bruno Henrique, missed everything he tried and ended up being booed whenever he touched the ball. Fans asked the board to sell the medallion as soon as possible.

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