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Lasitskene accused the head of the IOC of duplicity due to the removal of the Russians

Photo: Global Look Press

The Olympic champion believes that Bach’s duplicity lies in the fact that he says that it is dangerous for Russian athletes to compete, although there are no problems in tennis. “Why fidget?” asked Lasitskene

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Photo: Global Look Press

Olympic high jump champion Maria Lasitskene believes that IOC President Thomas Bach is duplicitous when he speaks of the need to remove Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions for their safety. This athlete said in an interview “RIA News”.

“The duplicity of Bach is that he says that it is dangerous for Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete, but we see that tennis players travel around the world and everything is calm everywhere. So let him just tell the athletes – you are Russians, you are all responsible for what is happening. And you are punished for it. But do not tell the athletes that they are suspended for the sake of their safety. Why fidget?” Lasickene said.

Lasitskene said she was too old to change sports citizenship

Photo: Maja Hitij/Getty Images

According to Lasitskene, everyone already understands the reasons for the suspension. And this is the main message of the letter. Tell it like it is. There is no need to pretend to care about us. Just say that we are all to blame, ”added the athlete.

At the end of February, the IOC recommended not allowing athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate in international competitions due to events in Ukraine. Most federations followed these recommendations, only a few allowed athletes to compete in a neutral status.

On June 8, Bach explained the recommendation of the IOC to remove Russians and Belarusians from all international tournaments by the desire to “guarantee their safety at the competitions.” He also stated that no sanctions should be applied to those who do not support the military action due to citizenship.

On June 9, Lasickienė published an open letter to Bach, in which she stated that his actions gave rise to a “near-sports war” and that he “did not have the courage and dignity” to lift sanctions against the Russians, and also asked him to stop explaining the suspension of athletes by concern for their safety. Bach did not answer her.

On June 19, Bach said that the IOC had no plans to lift recommendations to suspend Russian athletes anytime soon.

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