Maria Lasitskene

According to the athlete, Teryushkov constantly says what they can’t do. The State Duma deputy in response said that he did not offend anyone, and reminded Lasitskene that “enemies in the rear have become seriously more active”

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Maria Lasitskene

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Olympic high jump champion Maria Lasitskene said “RIA News”that someone could already stand up for the athletes, who are constantly criticized by Roman Teryushkov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sports.

“Deputy Roman Teryushkov says something to athletes every day. You can’t come out, you can’t advise changing citizenship, you can’t do anything else. And our sports community is silent – except for Tatyana Tarasova. The Minister of Sports is silent, the head of the ROC is silent,” Lasickene said.

According to her, in Russia “you can find fault with athletes every day and those people who are supposed to protect them are silent.” “Although they could have called Roman Teryushkov for a long time and advised him to do his main job, and not insult athletes every day,” the athlete added.

Teryushkov, in turn, said “RIA News”that “all his life he stood on the defense <...> of athletes, he never insulted a single one.”

Lasitskene refused to meet with Matytsin “for the sake of a photo and show”

Maria Lasitskene

“My initiatives are very logical and are of a systematic nature just to protect our athletes. Unfortunately, she didn’t get it. I proposed to equate members of the Russian national team who want to change their citizenship to traitors. A special military operation is underway, unfriendly countries are supplying every day lethal weapons to the regime in Ukraine, which are killing our soldiers, civilians in Donetsk and Luhansk. I advise Maria to read about it,” said Teryushkov.

The MP also asked why Lasitskene did not express support for gymnast Ivan Kulyak, who was suspended from the competition for the letter Z, and invited her to speak out “regarding support” for the special operation in Ukraine.

“Here, I advise Maria to analyze the information and not to listen to someone else’s opinion. Enemies in the rear have seriously intensified, ”added Teryushkov.

Formerly Teryushkov urged to punish athletes from Russia, who play for unfriendly countries, for betrayal and treason. This provoked a serious discussion in the sports world. Tatyana Tarasova told RBC Sport that the deputy should be “punched in the neck” after such proposals. “Change of citizenship is a personal matter for everyone. He does not sit in the State Duma, but in a madhouse. Kick in the neck. An evil and stupid person, ”said Tarasova.

In July Teryushkov declaredthat goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov, who was sent to the army with a scandal, “chased a big American dollar” by signing a contract with an NHL club. After the coming out of the first racket of Russia Darya Kasatkina, the deputy called her “a vivid example of the school of” individualists “, adherents of the West.”

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