Maria Lasitskene and Yaroslav Maguchy

The Olympic champion said that in a letter to the Ukrainian athlete she expressed admiration for her fortitude. According to Lasitskene, she also wrote to other Ukrainian athletes, but did not name their names “so that the girls would not be additionally pressured”

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Maria Lasitskene and Yaroslav Maguchy

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Olympic high jump champion Maria Lasitskene said in an interview “RIA News”about which she wrote a letter to the Ukrainian athlete Yaroslav Maguchy after the July World Championships in Eugene.

“She wrote that I admire her fortitude. And I tried to explain to her what was in me, what was with me. I apologized for writing just now, explained why. And she ended like this: “Most likely, you won’t understand me.” But she doesn’t have to understand me. No one should,” Lasitskene said.

Lasitskene accused the head of the IOC of duplicity due to the removal of the Russians

Photo: Global Look Press

According to the Russian woman, she wrote not only Maguchy. “I don’t want to say names so that the girls are not additionally pressured. With someone from the Ukrainians, I talked online. Yaroslava sent a big letter after her silver at the World Championships. Apparently it has been read. There has been no answer yet. In general, I congratulated all the girls – winners of the World Cup. Everyone answered, except Yaroslava, ”added Lasitskene.

Maguchy after the World Cup said that she no longer has an idol in the person of Lasitskene.

During the Olympics in Tokyo, Maguchy, who won bronze in the high jump, took a joint photo with the winning Russian Maria Lasitskene, after which a wave of criticism hit the Ukrainian athlete on social networks. The athlete herself explained that after being among the winners at the Olympics, she wanted to “hug the whole world.”

“When Yaroslava the Mighty and I hugged at the Tokyo Olympics, then certain structures in Ukraine had a conversation with her, and she wrote on her social network “the enemy does not sleep” and so on, renounced this act and me. Then this situation was thwarted for a whole month, and no one stood up: neither other Ukrainian girls, nor Serhiy Bubka, no one said that she was an athlete and there was no need to insult her. Everyone was silent, as if what was happening was the norm. But I understood them. In no case do I have any grudge against them, ”added Lasitskene.

Australian Eleanor Patterson won at the World Championships in Eugene, Maguchih became the second. Russian athletes missed the tournament due to suspension from international competitions.

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