Laura Escanes is honest and reveals the origin of her alopecia

Laura Escanes He wanted to share with his Instagram followers the disease he suffers from and where it comes from. The influencer has once again resorted to this social network to tell details of her personal life and this time to explain the reason for the alopecia suffering.

A few days ago, one of her followers told her that in one of the videos that the young woman had uploaded, she was seen “a small clapa in the scalp”. the woman from Risto Mejide, at first I thought it was due to the high and tight ponytail that it showed. However, days later he wanted to confess that it really is a problem and that he is already undergoing treatment.

After realizing it, he went to a dermatologist to have him explain the reason for that small bald spot on his head and give him a solution. “I didn’t tell you that last week I went to a dermatologist specializing in hair here in Madrid”, explained the Catalan influencer, again via Instagram.

Laura Escanes receives treatment for her alopecia

After going to the specialist, everything indicates that it really is a health problem that has caused this alopecia. “Indeed, it’s from stress”confirmed Escanes, who also confessed that he was already undergoing treatment.

“He has already given me treatment, various creams that I have to wear at night, so in principle everything is going to be better, so this would be the summary”, he finished by telling in the most serene way, aware that this sudden alopecia has been a scare and that it is a more common ailment than it seems.

All this, obviously and as usual with her, she explained it on her personal Instagram account through several stories. Precisely, it was in a hairdresser where he uploaded the video in which his follower noticed the small bald spot that was coming out.

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