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The Lokomotiv coach called the Uralochka-NTMK volleyball player a “monkey”. Lawyers say he now faces disqualification

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Photo: TASS

Lokomotiv volleyball coach Andrei Voronkov, who called the Uralochka-NTMK striker a “monkey,” may face both disciplinary sanctions and administrative prosecution. But there are difficulties with the latter – it will not be easy to prove an offense, according to lawyers interviewed by RBC Sport.

Sports lawyer Sergei Alekseev notes that the incident will be considered primarily by the disciplinary body of the volleyball federation.

“If this issue causes someone to complain, it can be considered in the disciplinary commission of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation. If they confirm the fact of violation of the regulations, the coach will be disqualified for a certain period, ”said Alekseev.

According to the lawyer, there is also a possibility of bringing the coach to administrative responsibility for insulting the athlete. “It is important to understand who the coach had in mind when he made such a statement. If it is proved that it was about an athlete, then there is a possibility of bringing to administrative responsibility for insult and discrimination on a national basis. But first, an application to the appropriate structure is needed, ”added Alekseev.

In turn, lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky believes that it will be very difficult to prove the elements of the offense in Voronkov’s actions.

“If someone thinks that under the “monkey” we are talking about this athlete, then this person agrees that she looks like a monkey. This is where it all ends. It will be very difficult to prove that it is about her. On the part of the federation, sanctions can be applied to the coach as a censure, such as a warning or disqualification for a certain time. However, if the court receives a claim for the protection of honor and dignity, this case has almost no prospects. Why go to court? I believe that he called this person a monkey because she really looks like one? Dobrovinsky said.

What happened

The incident occurred in the decisive match of the final series of the playoffs of the championship of Russia. Lokomotiv Kaliningrad coach Andrei Voronkov during a timeout said to the blocker Valeria Zaitseva: “Why are you catching this monkey again?”

The words of the coach were broadcast. The black Cuban striker Ailama Montalvo plays for Uralochka-NTMK.


Lokomotiv won the decisive match with a score of 3:2 and won the series, winning gold medals for the second time in a row.

President of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation Stanislav Shevchenko told RBC Sport that such statements by coach Voronkov are unacceptable. “Such statements are unacceptable. There can’t even be any excuses. I am very surprised and amazed that such a situation has occurred. I know that Uralochka is submitting an application to the disciplinary commission, we will consider and punish. We will definitely consider what exactly measures will be taken, I can’t say yet, ”Shevchenko told RBC Sport.

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