Leandro Paredes says that he misses the Scaloneta: "When you are in your club you ask yourself how long it takes to go to the National Team"

Leandro Paredes became one of the fundamental pieces within the Argentine National Team led by Lionel Scaloni and was part of a historic moment. The former Boca player, current member of Paris Saint Germain, reignited that rivalry that the players of the Scaloneta they took with the brazilian Richarlison. In a hand-in-hand interview for TyC Sports, the Argentine did not forget what happened on July 10, 2021 at the Maracanã and dedicated a spicy comment to the Everton player from England

In the middle of the interview, Leandro was reminded of the spicy crosses they had on social networks after winning the Copa América against the Brazilian team and mentioned that the Brazilian had even celebrated a match at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. this mention, the Argentine replied: “After what happened, he has to grab onto something. On the pitch, at his house, at the Maracana with everything that’s happened, he’s going to grab onto anything.”

The attacker of the selection directed by Titehad declared before playing the final a phrase that he finally could not fulfill: “We are going to be champions.” That hunch motivated Lionel Messi and company even more when it came to facing the game. “That gave us more strength to face that game. Although we didn’t need anything else to go out and play the final like we did, that helped us to have even more desire” Walls concluded.

Full with the “Scaloneta”

“We follow the draw through WhatsApp,” Leandro commented when it came to talking about the expectation that Qatar 2022 generates in the hearts of the soccer players of the Argentine National Team. The flyer that emerged in Boca said that he was the one in charge of creating the group chat where all the men chosen by Lionel Scaloni are. “No, it’s not called La Scaloneta, the coach doesn’t like it very much, sometimes we tell him as a joke…” Lean confessed. And then he whitewashed how he decided to put him in the chat: “He stayed in the Copa América because he believed it when we played the Copa América.”

It is clear that the feeling for the “Scaloneta” got into not only the hearts of the fans but also the players. “An incredible group was put together that is missed And when you’re at the club, sometimes you say, how long until you go to the national team? you like to be there“, This is how Paredes defined the campus.

On the team that got a title after 28 yearsa large group was formed “It was formed thanks to the coach and the kinds of people in the national team” Leandro commented in the interview for TyC Sports.

He not only spoke of that moment of consecration, but also referred to his present and continuity in Paris Saint Germain, which according to French media, in the Parisian club there would be a “cleaning” of Argentine players at the end of the season, which includes to Paredes, who still has 2 years on his contract.

Faced with this rumor, the midfielder said: “I’m still here, I’m fine. The coach loves me, the club too, where am I going to go?…”. Paredes also added that this rumor occurs in “all markets the same thing, we are used to it.”

Real Madrid, Boca and Roman

“I would like to play for Real Madrid” Leandro said later. With this phrase, the Argentine mentioned his desire to be part of the team that will play the Champions League final against Liverpool on May 28. “Every player dreams of wearing that shirt, a very important club” but in order not to raise any doubts about the future, he closed by saying “I have a lot of respect for my club and I am more than happy here.”

The player, with a great career, with a past in clubs like Rome and Zenit de Russia, among others, does not forget his origins in his beloved Boca Juniors either. “I would love to,” he said when talking about a hypothetical return to the La Ribera club. And he highlighted his idolatry for Juan Román Riquelme: “He was my mirror, my role model, I loved the way he played,” he said about who his partner was on the court and today he serves as vice of the institution .

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