Lebrón and Galán conquer Madrid with a doctorate in comebacks

ANDIt’s time to give up. The padel throne has only had a name for just over two and a half years. The one with Alejandro Galán and Juan Lebrán. That of the number 1 in the world, who took the Madrid Premier Padel -first P1 tournament of the circuit promoted by the international federation and the QSI qatar fund- with a precious exercise in this sport: coming back.

Really and symbolically. Real, because both in the quarterfinals (Tello and Chingotto), the semifinals (Sanyo and Tapia) and the grand final, against Paquito Navarro and Martn Di Nenno, They have lived climbing. Doctoring. And in the symbol, because they are also capable of reigning even if the track conditions do not benefit them.

It was an even final, with a start that respected the services, but with an equality typical of a clash between 1 and 2 in the world. Navarro, more incisive of the four, being very decisive in the aerial game and punishing Galn especially. The Sevillian complied with note from the beginning, both in the volley and in the definition. For their part, the number 1 did not find a solution to break.

The ‘Navarro area’

So much so that in that state of comfort of Paquito Navarro was going to cause the first break. First they prepared it on the bench, as they stated that they were going to take a step towards the net. And it was confirmed with the aggressiveness of the Sevillian that he read perfectly how Lebrn and Galn did not have the net, and caused their failures after going off the wall and a drop shot that did not come from the ‘Puerto’ player.

But this tournament does not allow you to lose concentration, and immediately afterwards what had given success to Navarro and Di Nenno went awry, being able to close. Lebrn emerged with the volume of the game and caused the Argentine’s failure. Navarro could not enter and the break fell. The man from Cadiz was the answer to everything, and he continued to be so, because Paquito read that situation and charged Galn. Two set chances in his favor. But they did not bear fruit for the previous reason: Lebrn ruled and his speed changes.

In that match context, Navarro and Di Nenno could escape because that initiative changed sides, but each failure was penalized. And that was the sin of the number 1. They didn’t change the pace towards the net and Navarro charged towards both. Two errors and a finish by Martín Di Nenno broke the balance at the unexpected moment. Break, and first set (7-5).

Lebrn and Galn never give up

That set was fair for those who had best interpreted the game, but it meant nothing beyond the scoreboard for the number 1. And it was evident that they had exited in the second. The errors of Navarro and Di Nenno arrived, and they broke the service. He did not stay there and in the next turn of serve of the number 2 Ale Galn emerge to balloon and close on your crossover. 3-0 to shoot himself.

And they did not release that rent. What had been until then a game dominated by Navarro was changed by the errors of the Sevillian player. They multiplied causing the set (2-6) to have no other change. He was third, and other factors landed: fatigue or the pace that the number 1 went on to set.

a spectacular set

And that continuity had a prize after an even start to the set. In the third turn of serve it seemed that Navarro returned to command being able to recover in front of the net and hovering around the break. But in the fifth game everything turned around. With the same rules as above, punishment for each Paquito error in front of the net and being able to get the ball out for four. Everything came together at the right time for the break and the 2-3.

It was definitive because Lebrn and Galn remained consistent and could execute comfortably. Navarro and Di Nenno managed to combine genius but their errors were fired. Some that they cannot have against the best players in the ranking. Like those that happen with 3-5, because they let Galn take the net and execute. With a champion finish, Ale Galn gave the lunge. Yet another crown.

Going back in three marathons, adapting to a track that did not suit them and consolidating. History begins to be the rival of Lebrn and Galn who add their third crown in Premier Padel, win the first P1 in history and take Madrid. The kings of sport.

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