Shermadini crushes the Valencia hoop without opposition

ANDhe lenovo tenerife passed over a Valencia timid and depressed (94-78) and showed that the leadership of the Endesa League is far from great. Txus Vidorreta’s men have very clear ideas in attack, they defend like a hyenayes, they have their engines very identified and it’s very difficult to get your hands on themespecially under the protection of its public.

Shermadini crushes the Valencia hoop without opposition.EFE

Jaime Fernndez (22+3+7), who continues in a sensational state of form after winning the European Championship this summer with Spain, and the incombustible Shermadini (19+8+3) This time they were the pillars on which the islanders built a prestigious triumph. They took command with authority, but his companions all went as onewith Salin, Abromaitis, Huertas, Guerra, Doornekamp or Cook always adding.

Great Tenerife defense and Taronja collapse

The people of Tenerife were clear that if they dried Chris Jones, the prolific taronja point guard, they would have a lot of cattle. And they did it. fitipaldo, with a lot of help from their teammates, completely overlapped the American (9) and Valencia got stuck. Above all because there was hardly any news from other players like Dubljevic, Rivero, Harper, Van Rossom, Alexander, Prepelic or Pradilla. It was a wanting and not being able to before the intensity of the local defense, which left no loopholes.


Mumbr lectures his players during a timeout.EFE

Jaime and Shermadini they opened the first gap (27-17, min 10). Salin joined them in the second act to stretch the score (45-29, min 17). Y Cook and Abromaitis They joined the party after the break to sentence (63-40, min 24). Hard corrective for Valencia, despite the fact that makeup the result at the end of the game (87-77) when the people of Tenerife let themselves go. The taronjas came from being devastated by Virtus in the Euroleague (89-59) and took another heavy setback on the island.

Technical sheet:

94 – Lenovo Tenerife (27+23+23+21). Fitipaldo (-), Fernndez (22), Cook (5), Doornekamp (5), Shermadini (19) -initial-, Guerra (12), Huertas (10), Sastre (-), Diagne (-), Abromaitis ( 9) and Salin (12).

78 – Valencia Basket (17+19+18+24). Jones (9), Prepelic (-), Puerto (13), Web III (11), Dubljevic (2) -initial-, Harper (-), Claver (6), Pradilla (8), Lpez Arostegui (11), Van Rosson (11), Radebaugh (-) and Alexander (7).

referees: Pérez Pizarro, Perea and Baena. They pointed out the technique to the Lenovo Tenerife coach, Txus Vidorreta (min.34).

Incidents: Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, before more than five thousand people.

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