Leuven Bears immediately takes home advantage from Kangaroos Mechelen


Leuven Bears immediately took home advantage from Kangaroos Mechelen in the semi-finals of the play-offs. The Bears won convincingly in Mechelen after an intense clash and have a 0-1 bonus in their pocket in this best of five. The second game will take place in the Leuven Sportoase on Thursday. Will Leuven Bears open the door to the final or will there be a reaction from Kangaroos Mechelen?

Patrick Ceulemans

Kangaroos Mechelen opened the game nervously. Losses on the ball and weak defense gave Leuven Bears immediate momentum. The Slovenian Jacob Cebasek and the American duo Kevaughn Allen and Solomon Young were the inspiration behind the Leuven bonus. From 10-14 it went to a deserved 16-24 bonus for the Bears. Leuven Bears did not score for five minutes, Kangaroos Mechelen took the lead with an 11-0 intermediate sprint and commanded: 27-24. The inspiration behind the comeback was Domien Loubry. The Antwerp guard scored with bombs and scored. The 18-year-old Joppe Mennes dunked a few times after a delicious fast-braek, but Kangaroos did not come loose. After 35-33 Leuven Bears continued to cling: 40-37 halfway.

The team from Leuven, however, came out of the dressing room sharp. On the one hand a very strong defense and on the other hand points from different players. Thibault Vanderhaegen dropped a bomb and made some wonderful penetrations and led with Jacob Cebasek Leuven Bears after 42-44 to 45-49 and 46-50. Domien Loubry did hit a fifth consecutive bomb, but received too little support from his teammates from Mechelen in the third slide. With a 9-23 intermediate sprint, the team from Leuven steamed through to a 49-60 lead. Ancien Domien Loubry with a three-pointer and “young gun” Joppe Mennes made it 56-62 and the Mechelse remonte. Jacob Cebasek and Kevaughn Allen let go and put things in order for Leuven Bears: 56-66.

However, Leuven Bears fell completely silent and Domien Loubry and class flashes from Myles Stephens made it 63-66. Solomon Young put Leuven Baers at 63-68 at 58 seconds. In the crazy final phase, a clever and more efficient Leuven team let the win with free throws via Thibault Vanderhaegen and Jacob Cebasek.

Kangaroos Mechelen 63-72 Leuven Bears

KANGAROO MECHELEN: Stephens 11, Loubry 21, Van Buggenhout 2, Kotrulja 0, Mennes 9, Alston 8, Foerts 3, Palinckx 2, Brodeur 5, Waleson 2LEUVEN BEARS: Willems 0, Heath 6, Allen 15, Cebasek 21, Vanderhaegen 15, McGlynn 4, Young 11, Nunes e Cruz 0

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