Liège: believing that she is filming it, she throws her mobile phone on the ground!

This young woman has obviously freaked out… Friday, early in the morning, when she was back from going out, she attacked another woman she met at a bus stop in Liège. This lady installed at the bus stop was writing an SMS to her husband. And that’s when, suddenly, everything went wrong… According to the magistrate at the Liège public prosecutor’s office, the other woman thought she was filming her with her mobile phone and that made her angry. She then kicked him then grabbed his mobile phone and then threw it on the ground!

The police were informed of the facts and, thanks to the network of surveillance cameras, they were able to identify the violent woman thanks to the license plate of her vehicle. It is a resident of Landenne. She was arrested and questioned on the charges against her.

According to the prosecution, she acknowledged the facts and apologized. She admitted that she was on her way home, that she had been drinking and that she doesn’t really know why she acted like this…

Without a history, she was released with an accelerated citation to appear before the criminal court.

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