Life Cup and Waka Waka: the "presence" of Ricky Martin and Shakira with the mascots at the opening

They say that a Soccer World Cup It cannot be the same without a star who in recent editions has put his voice in the opening ceremonies of the competition of the FIFA. We are referring to Shakira, that although she was not present at the Al Bayt (Jor) stadium for the inauguration, she has ‘participated’ in the aforementioned party with the reproduction of one of her best-known songs: the Waka Waka. Like the Colombian, Ricky Martín has ‘appeared’ on the scene with another World Cup anthem: Copa de la vida.

As observed in the official broadcast of the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, there came a time when the anthems of the Cups made by FIFA were remembered. And the one interpreted by the Puerto Rican for France 1998 and the one that the Barranquilla woman did for South Africa 2010 could not be missing.

The reproduction of both songs aroused the emotion of the fans present at the Al Bayt stadium and also generated positive reactions on social networks. That without counting the appearance of all the mascots of the World Cups. Pure party nothing from the initial kick between Ecuador vs. Qatar.

Ecuador is coming vs. Qatar

Ecuadorians have waited more than eight years to see their team again in a World Cup, which will take place this Sunday when I play the opening match of Qatar 2022 against the host. After being eliminated in the group stage of Brazil 2014 and failing to qualify for Russia 2018, the northerners will enjoy their fourth World Cup participation in Qatar 2022.

On the streets, the Tricolor shirts are sold on numerous corners so that neither adults nor children are left without wearing theirs and thus cheer on the team from a distance, since only about 4,000 Ecuadorians will be present at the Al Bayt stadium, where the locals will be the majority.

The goal is clear: get through the group stage and match at least the round of 16 reached in Germany 2006, for which it is key to start their participation in Group A on the right foot, where the Netherlands and Senegal are also framed. .

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