Could we breathe through the anus, like pigs? This is revealed by the results of research conducted by Japanese scientists, reports VICE.

Indeed, pigs could absorb oxygen through the anus to breathe. Humans too.

“It’s so impressive, because we never thought about breathing through the gut, but it is possible”said Dr. Takanori Takebe, study author and physician at Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

This may be potentially good news for people with breathing difficulties. If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it is the importance of developing new methods of ventilation and oxygenation of patients admitted to hospital.

According to this study, it would therefore be possible to pump oxygen, as pigs do, and with the help of an oxygenating liquid through the anus, bring it back to the intestines. Unbelievable.

To test the effectiveness of the technique of ventilation through the anus on humans, clinical trials could begin soon. “The tests will start this year”Dr. Takebe confirmed to VICE.

Like pigs, we could breathe through… the anus
©Dr. Takanori Takebe

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