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The singer and former BBB underwent the procedure in July and is recovering at home

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Former BBB Linn da Quebrada shared with her followers this Saturday (6th) the result of the gender affirmation surgery performed last month. Still with her nose bandaged and her eyes a little purple from the procedure, the singer appeared with her face much more deflated than when she announced that she had the operation.

The singer, who is recovering at home, wrote in the caption of the publication: “Biologically transvestite. Known worldwide, I became a bomb”. She shared three photos on her Instagram feed showing the new features of her face and commented on the stories that today complete “18 days since the surgery”.

In the comments, Linn da Quebrada won a flurry of praise from other celebrities such as Ivete Sangalo, Pabllo Vittar, Mateus Carrilho, Maria, Maria Gadú and Matheus Mazzafera. “Perfect”, “I feel you”, “Wonderful!”, “All sculpted”, “Baby reborn”, “It will get even hotter”, wrote some.

Gender Affirmation Surgery is performed on transgender men and women to leave the facial features they most identify with. According to Viva Bem, from UOL, there are around 12 procedures available that include altering facial features, such as projecting cheekbones and lips, smoothing the contour of the forehead and temples, altering the projection and contour of the nose, even to reduce the Adam’s apple – accentuated thyroid cartilage -, in the case of trans women who want to smooth the masculine contours.

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