Peru will face New Zealand in an international friendly prior to the playoff.  (Photo: AFP)

Everything is getting ready for the last step that will have to face the Peruvian National Team with a view to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Given this, Ricardo Gareca He completed his schedule of activities, in which he defined the day to give the squad list, the date of his trip to Barcelona (for the friendly with New Zealand), among other factors that will not be left out before the clash against the UAE or Australia.

As he was able to find out sport, the ‘Tiger’ has agreed to give the press conference -in which he will announce the list of those chosen for the play-off duel- next Friday, May 20 at noon. The audit of the Videna will be, as always, the place chosen for this.

The works of the Peruvian National Team they would start on Monday 23, with players from the local environment. However, the possibility that some “foreign” soccer player joins the training sessions in Lima is not ruled out, Miguel Araujo being one of them. The other is Gianluca Lapadula, although his presence in the capital would depend on how Benevento fares in the promotion playoffs in Italy.

Operation Barcelona

Ricardo Gareca plans to go to Barcelona, ​​along with the rest of the squad, next Saturday, May 28. With this, he seeks to add some training days directed by him in the Spanish capital, where he will seek for the players to get used to the time change. The “Tiger” will have eight days to add his other “foreign” elements before the friendly with New Zealand, agreed for June 5 at 10:30 (Peruvian time).

After said meeting, the technical command of the Peruvian National Team will travel to Qatar to witness the match between the United Arab Emirates and Australia. The group will be commanded by the Argentine DT, although it is also planned that they will be accompanied by Néstor Bonillo, Sergio Santín and a video analyst, who will try to collect all possible information about the next rival of the two-tone team.

Peru will face New Zealand in an international friendly prior to the playoff. (Photo: AFP)

The playoff: last step before Qatar

With the rival defined, Ricardo Gareca will resume work at the head of the Peruvian National Team and will define its work schedule in Doha, a city that will host the duel for the international playoff between the Inca team and the representative of the Asian qualifiers, which will take place on Monday, June 13 from 1 in the afternoon (Peruvian time).

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