Striker Niclas Füllkrug is new to the DFB team, but scored directly to victory in the last test before the 2022 World Cup.
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Of: Melanie Gottschalk

Striker Niclas Füllkrug is new to the DFB team, but scored directly to victory in the last test before the 2022 World Cup. © Markus Ulmer/imago

The German national team is entering the 2022 World Cup against Japan – and definitely wants to start with a win. The live ticker for the game.

Germany – Japan -:- (-:-), kick-off on Wednesday 23 November, 2 p.m

Lineup Germany
Lineup Japan

>>> Update ticker <<<

Update from Wednesday, November 23, 10:41 am: In Germany, the World Cup mood doesn’t really want to arise. However, a group of fans made their way to Qatar to support the DFB team live on site. A police officer who accompanies the German team, said the sports show, “It should be 1,000”. An employee of the German embassy was a little more optimistic. He speaks of 12,000 to 15,000 fans.

+++ Hello and welcome to our live ticker. My name is Melanie Gottschalk and I will accompany you today through the match between Germany and Japan at the 2022 World Cup. But even before the game, many facts and information are waiting at this point.

First report from Wednesday, November 23, 9:43 a.m.: Baaya – On the fourth day of World Cup 2022 in Qatar it will be for that DFB team serious: With Japan The first opponent in Group E is waiting. In the last lackluster 1-0 win against Oman, newcomer Niclas Füllkrug stood out in particular, he redeemed the team from the national coach Hansi Flick with his goal to make it 1-0. Will he make it into the starting XI against Japan?

Recently, many eyes were open Mario Götze directed, who after five years is back in time for the 2022 World Cup as part of the German national team. He will probably not be in the starting XI in the first group game against Japan, but could become a precious substitute if a player is needed who can still have good ideas even in the tightest of spaces. Because such a person is the 30-year-old midfielder from Eintracht Frankfurt.

World Cup 2022: Germany – Japan in the live ticker – take the first step towards the knockout phase

It is important for the DFB team to start the tournament successfully. “You gain self-confidence with a good start to the tournament, you have a small buffer with three points and you can go into the next games with a lot of confidence. For me, the opening game is really the most important game in the whole tournament,” said the captain Manuel Neuer before the first game at the 2022 World Cup against Japan. In 2018, the DFB team started the tournament with a defeat against Mexico and was eliminated after the group stage.

Will the German national team get in the way of the scandal surrounding the “One Love” bandage before the first game? Uncertain. However, the team will certainly concentrate fully on the game and try to put everything negative aside. After the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, FIFA banned the armband and threatened undefined “sporting consequences”.

World Cup 2022: DFB team “shocked” by FIFA’s decision

“As for the ‘One Love’ bandage, it can be said that the DFB wanted to set an example. FIFA put a stop to this and threatened penalties. None of us knew what the penalties were. That was very short notice for the associations,” said national coach Hansi Flick at the press conference before the game against Japan. The team was “shocked” by FIFA’s move.

On the one hand, the problem was that FIFA did not say exactly what sanctions would be imposed. On the other hand, the short-term nature put the association and the players under massive pressure. You wanted to take this away from the players with the decision against the bandage. “It’s a shame that we can no longer stand up for human rights,” he adds. (msb)

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