Mount laments after missing his shot

ANDl Liverpool will reach the final in Paris as FA Cup champions (in the absence of the possible Premier), in addition to the Carabao Cup that they have already won this season. Real Madrid’s rival in Paris beat Chelsea on penalties but should have done it sooner after a brilliant game in which they were superior to the ‘blues’ despite the final 0-0.

The final proved several things. One, we already knew, that the rival of the Madrid It is a great team (the best in Europe?). We don’t know yet. Let’s hope not. And the match also showed that, in a football without lies (the English), a 0-0 can be preciousas happened today Wembley. Hopefully one day we will reach his level (in this).

The Liverpool started rolling over, and when the ‘Pool’ overwhelms you, nobody stops it. Luis Daz began his recital in the 8th minute… and from then on he didn’t stop. What a signing! It was a miracle that he Chelsea come out of those first 10 minutes alive.

Physically, this team is (almost) unstoppable. It chokes you with high or medium pressure, it’s good positionally (Henderson and Keita were very good) and tab to Thiago Alcantara to dominate in possession (there was a lot of incredulity with this).

Mount laments after missing his shotKirsty WigglesworthAP

The Chelsea he saw them come as best he could, until the second part ended asking for the time, the bus and everything he had at hand. In the last 10′, the ‘Pool’ overwhelmed his rival… but without a prize. Several chances for Daz, two sticks, a lot of dominance, a lot of enthusiasm, but little prize before 90.

The Chelsea, sometimes, before that oppression, it threatened. Lukaku had it before the break, but he had to open up the field a lot to mess up Klopp’s block. In general, it was much inferior to the Pool, although Tuchel’s men also had three or four clear and a crossbar. It is fair to say so.

Y Rdiger? Good thank you. Good white signing, although today he suffered with some long balls. Nothing to object positionally. Complete. The German is fast.

To all this, Salah He had already retired due to muscle injury. The ‘red’ public cried for him and they smiled in Madrid. We’ll see what happens. Jota is not ‘lame’, but, to tell the truth, the one who carried the weight was the aforementioned Daz. Neither one nor the other. Luis despaired at his many chances.

Salah, replaced by lesi

Salah substituted due to injury at LiverpoolNEIL HALLEFE

That said, beyond what happens on the field, there is another thing where the ‘Pool’ is difficult to beat, and that is in the stands. In Wembley the ‘reds’ passed over the ‘blues’. That’s how we saw it, at least.

And, in the end, after an extension in which the Liverpool I no longer had legs and Chelsea controlled more, penalties came. Azpilicueta missed for Chelsea, but Mendy saved Man the penalty that meant the title for the Liverpool. The shootout continued until Alisson stopped the shot to Mount and Tsimikas settled the title for the men. Klopp.

An exciting way to shelve this 150th edition of the world’s oldest tournament for clubs. Great game of 0-0… and to wait for Madrid in Paris.

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