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Loïs Petit wins another beautiful gold medal in Sarajevo!

Loïs Petit wins another beautiful gold medal in Sarajevo!

And two for Loïs Petit! After Dubrovnik, the Tournaisienne gave herself a nice birthday present, she who celebrated her 23rd birthday on Friday, winning a new gold medal, this time in Sarajevo. Engaged in -48 kg, Loïs was exempted from the first round. She then beat the Hungarian Beringer.

At the same time, Jente Verstraeten eliminated the Bosnian Handan, which gave a Belgian-Belgian semi-final which turned to Petit’s advantage. In the final, the Belgian won against the Serbian Milic, in extra time. Verstraeten beat Hungary’s Veg to clinch bronze, her first medal at this level.

In -52kg, Fiona Vanbiesbroeck dismissed the Polish Olejnik, then the Italian Tomaselli, but lost in the final against the French Babio, which still earned her a nice silver medal. Fifth in the Euro-23 last year, Fiona won the European Cup in Dubrovnik.

In -63kg, Marie Sadouni beat the Hungarian Peter, then the Polish Szafran, before losing in the semi-final, works by the Slovenian Schuster. And the Brussels woman unfortunately failed to climb to the third step of the podium, after another defeat against Azerbaijani Gardashkhanli.

On the men’s side, Jeroen Casse had a good run in -73 kg, ousting the Hungarian Beringer, then the Luxembourger Dos Santos, before being beaten by the Italian Mella. Drafted, the brother of Matthias dismissed the Germans Schriever and Thomas, but was beaten for bronze by the Italian Rubeca.

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