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The animator revealed the most significant postcard left by the “most important day of our lives”.

Nacho Gutierrez.
© InstagramNacho Gutierrez.

“We married!”thus starts the surprising message with which Nacho Gutierrez revealed to her followers that she married her boyfriend, after cultivating their relationship for more than 8 years.

“Today was the most important day of our lives and surrounded by our closest family we have decided to say yes before the law”complemented the television face, sharing an image in which the couple shows their marriage book to the camera in the foreground.

In addition, Gutiérrez argued that this makes it “Because today we can all… here is our family notebook! Long live love Long live our Chile!”.

And although it was an intimate ceremony, the producer also warned that “AND YES… the big party for extended family and friends is coming. And it’s coming BIG!”.

Check the publications of Nacho Gutiérrez’s marriage:

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