"Look at us, general": Bolsonarists appeal to UFOs to bring down Lula

Some bolsonarists seem unable to accept the defeat of the incumbent president and came up with a creative way to overturn Lula’s election.

It is in the historic center of Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil, that supporters of Jair Bolsonaro could be seen trying to communicate with UFOs.

In the video, filmed by photographer Marcelo Nunes, protesters can be seen waving flags and gathering while waving using the flashlight function of their phones, waving in front of the device, also brandishing a flashing sign. Visibly trying to issue SOS to aliens, some Jair Bolsonaro supporters are chanting skyward: “Look at us, General”, they ask.

Signs seen in the sky

This surprising gathering would have been triggered by the appearance of UFOs in the celestial cover of Porto Alegre. Two airline pilots then reported strange lights to airport control tower employees, stating that “the lights turned on and off and moved quickly”.

It was on seeing these lights that a supporter of the outgoing president believed in a sign, a “hi from brazil“.

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