Louis Ducruet, the son of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, celebrates his 30th birthday

Louis Ducruet, son of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet, turns 30 on November 26. Nephew of Prince Albert, he is currently 14th in the order of succession to the throne of Monaco since a revision of the Constitution of 2002 which includes the descendants of the sisters of the sovereign prince.

Louis was born at the Princess Grace maternity ward in Monaco when his parents were not yet married. Stephanie had not yet succeeded in imposing her choice of heart on her father Prince Rainier. Daniel Ducruet had worked for the security of the Grimaldis before being seconded to the princess as a bodyguard. During her pregnancy, the princess announced that the baby would be named Jonathan. He was finally named Louis after the father of Prince Rainier, Prince Louis de Polignac. After the birth of a second child Pauline, and seeing the family stability of his youngest daughter, Rainier III gave his consent for a purely civil marriage. The prince surely remembered Princess Caroline’s first marriage to Philippe Junot, which quickly ended in divorce and more than a decade before the Court of the Sacred Rote in the Vatican for the annulment of the religious marriage.

But the union ended with a divorce a year later in 1995 after the publication in the press of photos showing Daniel Ducruet with another young woman at the edge of a swimming pool. A scandal of the most resounding at that time. Princess Stéphanie and Daniel Ducruet, however, have kept a good relationship for the good of their children.

Louis then grew up in Auron in the Maritime Alps and then in Zurich when his mother shared the life of the director of the circus Knie. In 2010, he obtained his baccalaureate at the Albert I high school in the Principality. He graduated from the Skema Business School at the University of Sophia Antipolis in Nice before completing his training in sports management at the University of North Carolina.

Of a discreet nature, Louis Ducruet nevertheless made his way in the sports world on the Rock within the AS Monaco football club. He was in charge of recruiting new players before becoming assistant to the club’s vice-president. He now works for English club Nottingham Forest.

Princess Stéphanie has always confided to being a mother hen, very possessive with her three children. The marriage of Louis with Marie Chevallier made the princess shed many tears of emotion. It was also a moment of great family union. We had always had the feeling until then that the children of Princesses Caroline and Stephanie were very distant. All were there in July 2019 to surround Louis on his wedding day.

Louis Ducruet is present during major events in Monaco. He accompanies his uncle during sporting events, at the international television festival of Monte-Carlo, his mother during the international circus festival and the princely family during the National Day.

Princess Stéphanie is impatient to become a grandmother in her turn (Princess Caroline has seven grandchildren) but Louis and Marie Ducruet want to take a little more time for themselves and for their professions.

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