Louis van Gaal receives a remarkable note after his criticism of De Kuip: “We hope that this coffee will taste better to you”

Louis van Gaal did not make himself very popular in Rotterdam last weekend, by criticizing De Kuip. The ‘quarrel’ was settled just before the Nations League match against Wales.

Vincent Van Genechten

“There is only one stadium that meets all the facilities that the Dutch national team needs”, Van Gaal referred to the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam after the draw against Poland (2-2) in the Kuip. “Here’s the old junk. There is nothing wrong with the field here, the best field in the Netherlands is located here. It was not because of this field that we lost so much ball in the first half. But the coaching staff should be here in the gym. A pot of coffee is placed on a table. And at halftime it is so tight that I stand with my back to ten or twelve players. That is of course not possible.”

A small riot broke out among our northern neighbors and they were displeased in Rotterdam. And so Van Gaal received a piece of paper from the local team before the game against Wales, in De Kuip.

“Dear Mr Van Gaal, we hope this coffee will taste better to you. Have fun and good luck today. With kind regards, Team Stadium Feyenoord”, it said. “I was surprised by the espresso machine in our dressing room,” Van Gaal told the NOS. “A very sweet card. I brought him especially. They don’t do it for nothing. Maybe they agree with me.”

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