Luis Enrique: "Praise weakens, but this selection is not going to relax"

Luis Enrique He was happy with his players’ game, but he did not want to throw the bells on the fly. Feet on the ground after Spain’s exhibition and thinking about the game against Germany.

Match analysis

“It has been a very special game for us. We have placed special emphasis on waiting for the competition well and it has turned out well for us. It is usually difficult for us to start competitions, but we have done very well. It has been a very important victory”.

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cover mouths

“My objective is not that. My job is to improve my team and to qualify. The rest is part of the scenario”

many scorers

“I had always read that there was a lack of goals. We still don’t have a clear scoring reference, but we have many players who score goals. Praise weakens and we are not going to fall for that”:

What did you like most about your team?

“I liked everything about the team, that’s the truth. The idea was for the midfield players to touch the ball a lot and then from there the quality players we have have appeared. And then there is the defensive attitude, which It has been bestial, commendable”.

The psychological aspect in victory

“Of course you have to work your head. It has been vital for me to work with the player so that he doesn’t come out excited. Now we have to work for something else, but I already tell you that this team is not going to relax. Germany can beat us because it’s a powerhouse, but we’re going to go out and play the same way. Praise weakens, but this team is not going to relax. There will be changes in the lineup too. Germany can beat us, but it won’t be for lack of relaxation “.

penalty takers

“The sheet that we put up assesses who is the best pitcher. I decide the pitcher. I see them train and the specialist today was Ferran. He has thrown wonderfully well.”

His feelings before the game

“My sensations were very good watching them train and I knew that we were going to do well no matter who played.”

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