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Luis Guilherme, after being shielded by Palmeiras: "It makes me very happy that the Brazilians triumph in Madrid"

Luis Guilherme, with his representative, Nick Arcury, his family and the president of Palmeiras.

Luis Guilherme Lira dos Santos (9-2-2006; Aracaju, Sergipe) is prominent in Brazil as one of the great jewels that come. So, just like he did with Endrick,Palmeiras has been quick to ‘tie him up’ with his first professional contract. the same is until 2025 and it contains a clause of 60 million euros.

However, there is a predisposition between the entity and its representatives (from the Unique Sports agency, the same as Rodrygo’s and well-known in the country) so that his departure is for a lower figure when he reaches the age of majority. There are few suitors (the greats of Spain, England or Italy) who come calling for him. Luis Guilherme, a left-handed winger who, according to the specialists, mixes Rivaldo and Dembl, attended MARCA to celebrate this big step in his career and look to the future.

Luis Guilherme, with his representative, Nick Arcury, his family and the president of Palmeiras.

Ask. How have you experienced the renewal process?

Response. I am 16 years old, so I worry about training every day and following my routines. I don’t think about those contractual things. For that I have people with great experience.

P. Can you regret having such a high clause?

R. My value does not depend on that amount, but on what I do in the field. That’s what I focus on.

P. How would you describe yourself, for those who have not seen you play?

R. I am a footballer with good technique and a lot of speed. I also have in my favor that I can adapt to various attacking positions, on the wings or inside.

Q. Who does he look like?

R. Because of the explosion and speed, even though he is right-handed and I am left-handed, I currently look at Mbapp

Q. In which European league do you think you would fit in better?

R. A player who dreams big imagines himself there, in leagues like the Spanish or the Premier League. I am not trying to learn to adapt to only one style, I want to be prepared for what awaits me. Only then will it be able to have a world level. We have the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has played at a high level in many leagues. He is an example.

Q. How do you feel when you see so many Brazilians succeed at Real Madrid?

R. A lot of happiness for their successes, mainly because they came to the club young and have managed to settle down. It is not easy because it is in one of the biggest clubs in the world and they are young, especially Vinicius and Rodrygo, and they have become fundamental. I look at them to be able to meet expectations being so young, as in their cases.

Q. What goals and dreams do you set?

R. Speaking of the future, being a world-class player and making history with the Brazilian National Team. Looking more to the present, I need to focus on raising the level at Palmeiras and soon, God willing, break into the first team. I have to help with goals and titles to thank everything this club has done for me.

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