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Luísa Sonza spoke about her own sexuality when performing for the first time at the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade in São Paulo this Sunday (19)

Luísa Sonza spoke about bisexuality during the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade
© Reproduction / InstagramLuísa Sonza spoke about bisexuality during the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade

Luísa Sonza performed at the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade, held in São Paulo this Sunday (19), and spoke openly about his own sexuality. It was the first time that the singer performed at the event, and she performed for thousands of people who flocked to Avenida Paulista.

In the conversation with the public, Luísa confirmed again that she is bisexual. “And I’m fucking happy, because it’s the first year I’ve been here and people know I get some girls too”, she said at the top of the electric trio, making the people present crazy with the declaration.

However, Luísa’s bisexuality is nothing new: in March, during the press conference to launch the reality show “Queen Stars Brasil” (HBO Max), the singer had already spoken about it. “The ‘B’ is my place. It’s answered, right? Bisexual people don’t feel they belong, nor are they welcomed, in fact, neither by the LGBTQIA + community nor by heterosexuals. They are in a limbo, a ‘non-place’. And this is due to an issue that is rarely talked about, which is mononormativity”, she explained at the time.

Hit by tennis on show

Last week, during a presentation during the Micareta São Paulo event, in the capital of São Paulo, Luísa was hit by a shoe thrown by a spectator.. The voice of “Café da Manhã” even looked at the audience to see where the object came from, but did not find the person responsible. Sonza followed the show normally. At the moment, the blonde sang the song “Flores”, in partnership with her ex-boyfriend, Vitão.

It is worth remembering that, in the same week, Zé Felipe was also hit by sneakers and even commented on the act. “It hurt a lot, it almost ripped my face off,” he said of the incident. “His show is good for the **** and there are people thinking of diverting attention in some way… The unfortunate person will understand”, said Zé’s brother, João Guilherme. Still in his profile, Zé did not stop there and completed the report.

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