Macron: "At the gates of our European Union, an unprecedented geopolitical situation is playing out" (Update)

“At the gates of our European Union an unprecedented geopolitical situation is playing out, so yes, for all these reasons, the political context and the decisions that the European Union and several nations will have to take, justify new in-depth discussions and new progress “, Mr. Macron said at a NATO base in Romania.

“I think we are at a time when we, the European Union, need to send clear political signals to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in a context where they have been resisting heroically for several months” , underlined the Head of State, alongside Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

Arrived Tuesday evening, Emmanuel Macron dined with French soldiers on this base located not far from the strategic Black Sea, before deciding to stay to sleep on the spot under a tent, and not at the hotel according to the Élysée.

On Wednesday morning, he took a jog before having breakfast with the soldiers and meeting President Iohannis, with whom he spoke for more than an hour.

Accompanied by the new Minister of Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna, Mr. Macron was then to fly to neighboring Moldova, where he will be received in the capital Chisinau by the pro-European President Maia Sandu, with whom he has developed “a relationship of trust”. He has received it three times since February 2021.

The first French president to visit this country since Jacques Chirac in 1998, he will express “support (from France) in the most direct way possible” for this former Soviet Republic, particularly affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with which it has a common border.

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